It is not enough for us to create clean skincare products. We continually strive to make a positive impact on the environment. We choose to be part of the solution, not the pollution.


Reduce Waste

Refill Option

After you have fallen in love with the Herbal Earth products and it comes time to re-order, you will have the option of ordering a refill. This means that you save your original bottle or jar and just order the refill. What you will receive is the same volume of product in a pouch. There will also not be an external product box.  Not only is this reducing waste, but it will save you money too.


What Else Do We Do?

It’s More Than Just Packaging

At Herbal Earth, we pride ourselves on being a conscientious, responsible green skincare company. Driven by a commitment to the environment, we’re working toward a waste-free future. Our company remains committed to protecting the environment. As such, we are continually seeking and implementing new initiatives that will enable us to further minimize our environmental footprint and support Mother Nature.

Herbal Earth is looking forward to installing wind and solar technologies to power production and run the office. We use AnPost in Ireland to deliver because they are coming to your homes anyway, and we don’t want to add more vehicles to the road. You never know what other ideas will come our way! Feel free to drop any of your thoughts to us at