I have set out to create a beautiful, effective skincare range. I wanted to create products that were 100% natural, versatile, highly effective, but yet gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. I have removed all essential oils and known irritants. What you will find is the best oils, extracts, and herbs. The products have the natural aromas of the ingredients with nothing added.

Rose Hydrosol: 

Rose is one of the oldest and most loved ingredients.  The hydrosol is made through a process of steam distillation of the flowers.  Rose is very soothing and revitalizing.


Frankincense Water:  

Frankincense has the ability to strengthen skin and improve its tone, elasticity, and defense mechanisms against bacteria or blemishes, as well as to protect skin’s appearance as it matures. It may help tone and lift skin, reduce the severity of scars and acne, and heal wounds.  The water used in the Multi-fruit Elixir is recaptured from the oil extraction process used in the Sunrise Antioxidant Serum.


Prickly Pear Extract: 

This extract derived from the Oputina species of cactus that can detoxify, moisturize and protect the skin. Prickly pear is a desert plant that is unique in the fact that it can provide protection, moisture retention and detoxifying effects to the skin while also being rich in much needed vitamins and minerals.  Prickly pear is rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and potassium while also containing tannins, flavonoids, betanins and alkaloids. The high tannin content of prickly pear can act as a natural astringent, which is great for tightening, thus minimizing the appearance of the pores.


Crypthecodinium Cohnii Extract: 

Crypthecodinium cohnii is a species of dinoflagellate microalgae.  This extract is a revolutionary ingredient that activates the specific oxidant and toxin cleansing power of glutathione in the skin to slow down the rate of the aging process from within the cell.  It revitalizes the skin and provides protection against cellular and external environmental pollution.


Multiple Fruit Extracts: 

A unique blend of Pomegranate, Starfruit, Passionfruit, Kiwi, Mangosteen, Pineapple, Lychee, Indian Jujube and Guava extracts. During the extraction process, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and proteases are naturally isolated from the fruits. These components are capable of gently, yet effectively exfoliating the skin to deliver instant softening properties. AHAs are understood to loosen dead cell attachments and reduce cell cohesion at the lower level of the skin to promote cellular renewal. As new skin cells generate, older cells slough off to reveal a smoother looking skin. Factors such as sun damage, age and environmental stress cause this process to slow which results in the accumulation of dead skin cells. The use of AHAs can combat this problem by breaking bonds to increase cellular renewal.


Myrrh Water and Resin: 

Myrrh is the compliment support to Frankincense.  They work in synergy to boost the effectivness of each other.  Myrrh acts as anti-fungal and is antbacterial and mildly astringent.


Yucca Extract: 

Yucca extract is derived from the root of the plant and contains essential vitamins, proteins, potassium, calcium, iron, amino acids, and sugars.  The sugars give an exfoliating benefit to rough, dry skin for a softer, smoother feeling. Amino acids, a moisture-retaining ingredient, also aid in skin cleansing.



Created by the fermentation of Leuconostoc in a growth medium containing radish root, this specific process results in a unique peptide with broad spectrum antimicrobial and conditioning properties, helping to preserve naturally. 


Blueberry Extract: 

This is a plant-derived, stem cell ingredient designed to provide antioxidant, protectant and anti-aging benefits while enhancing cellular metabolism.


Hexapeptide 1: 

Hexapeptides are 6 amino acid sequence peptides that have been used in personal care and cosmetics to increase collagen synthesis for improved tone while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Marula Oil: 

Marula oil is wonderful for improving the ability of the skin to hold moisture deep in its layers.  It’s rich in antioxidants and is particularly nourishing for cell walls.


Frankincense Resin: 

The Frankincense tree is native to the Arabian peninsula, East Africa and India.  Derived from tree sap, or gum resin, both frankincense and myrrh are prized for their alluring fragrance.  Frankincense is a milky white resin extracted from species of the genus Boswellia.  The resin consists of a water soluable gum and an oil soluable resin.  Herbal Earth starts with the raw frankincense resin and first extracts the water portion (reserving it for use in the Multi-fruit Elixir) and then cleans and uses the oleo resin to melt into the Marula oil in the Sunrise Antioxidant Serum.  Frankincense can help reduce inflammation, reduce skin discoloration and imperfections, and it may help speed healing.  Plus it smells amazing!


Plum Kernel Oil: 

Besides the beautiful almond-y floral smell, plum kernel oil helps improve the overall skin condition.  It’s high in Vitamin E and leaves the skin protected and nourished.


Meadowfoam Seed Oil: 

Meadowfoam oil is high in Vitamin E & possesses sun-screening properties and protects and rejuvenates the skin.


Green Tea Extract: 

Green Tea Extract is high in antioxidants also has anti-inflammatory properties and may also inhibit bacterial growth in addition to providing astringent activity.


Murumuru Seed Oil: 

Murumuru oil is anti-inflammatory & antibacterial as well as an intense natural moisturizer. 


Seje Seed Oil: 

Seje oil is a highly moisturizing & absorbing, natural emollient, which is known to restore elasticity in the skin.  It is wild harvested & cold pressed in the Brazilian rainforest. It has an exceptional fatty acid profile and full of Vitamins A, C & E.


Avocado Oil: 

Avocado oil supports the collagen & skin structures & is high in carotenoids that provide protection against the effects of UV rays.  It will help to repair and soften skin. 


Babassu Oil: 

Babassu oil has a nice story.  “Babassu breakers”, mostly women, gather the fallen nuts & process them into oil, making it an important source of income for them.  It has anti-inflammatory properties & helps both oily & dry skin; it’s protective, nourishing and moisturizing.


Pequi Seed Oil: 

Pequi oil is high in Vitamins E & A & antioxidants, and nourishing as a moisturizer.   Skin-beneficial fatty acids make the oil well balanced and conditioning for mature skincare. 


Pracaxi Seed Oil: 

Pracaxi oil has a very impressive content of behenic acid to help iron out wrinkles. Pracaxi oil is very moisturising and used in improving skin tone.  It also brightens the skin and helps minimize scarring.


Lupin Seed Oil: 

Lupin oil is excellent for the treatment of skin damaged by the sun and the harmful effects of the environment. It is known for its emollient and antioxidant properties.  Lupine seed oil is used for dry and sensitive skin, protects against wrinkles, dry skin and increased pigmentation, brightens and whitens the skin.


Astaxanthin Extract: 

Astaxanthin is a microalgae that is very high in a pigment called carotenoid.  Carotenoids are strong antioxidants and studies have shown that astaxanthin is up to 1000 times more effective than Vitamin C. 


Apricot Kernel Oil: 

Apricot kernel oil is high in Vitamin E and is excellent for mature skin due to its emollient, nourishing and revitalizing properties. 


Kalahari Melon Seed Oil: 

The ultimate skin hydrator!  The oil is cold pressed from Kalahari Melons which grow wildly across the Kalahari Desert. The Melons are essential to the nomadic ‘San’ people as they travel across the sparse, dry and extremely hot Kalahari desert. It is known that these folk will not cross the desert when the Melons are not in season as they are key for survival. One person can survive for several weeks on a diet of Kalahari Melon with no other food or water.


Passion fruit Seed Oil: 

This oil has a high Vitamin C content which helps support collagen formation in the skin.  It is soothing and anti-inflammatory.


Pomegranate Seed Oil: 

Pomegranate seed oil is very high in punicic acid, which is a highly nutritious fatty acid for the skin which helps balance pH and condition the skin; it is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, & cell regenerating. It helps support collagen production and provides protection from environmental exposure.


Hemp Seed Oil: 

Hemp oil, with its perfectly balanced composition of essential fatty acids, heals dry skin, replenishes moisture, & protects against cellular damage. 


Tamanu Oil: 

Tamanu oil absorbs rapidly into all 3 layers to help repair the skin, where it has been demonstrated to rapidly regenerate new skin, repair and diminish scarring.


Edelweiss Extract: 

In addition to soothing, anti-inflammatory characteristics, Edelweiss Extract has demonstrated high performance antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties. It can also improve the appearance of aged and/or irritated skin.


Hyaluronic Acid: 

Hyaluronic acid helps to attract & maintain moisture.   


Castor Oil: 

Castor oil is often thought of as a ‘dirt magnet’.  It is also very good for the lashes & may promote growth.  It can help to minimize scarring, is soothing and acts as a humectant by drawing moisture to it to hydrate the skin.


Rice Bran Oil: 

Rice bran oil is soothing, may help promote collagen production & it also serves as an antioxidant.


Calendula Extract: 

Calendula flowers are infused into the rice bran oil to give stronger healing and soothing properties to the oil.


Jojoba Oil: 

Jojoba oil helps to reduce trans-epidermal water loss providing the skin with suppleness and softness.


Isoamyl Laurate, Isoamyl Cocoate: 

These oils are naturally derived from sugar and coconut and help reduce the tackiness of the castor oil.


Bentonite Clay:

This clay is  is naturally cooling, bringing relief to inflammation and painful conditions. It is also excellent at balancing sebum secretions, reducing excess oil and stagnation in the skin that contributes to acne.


Red Montmorillonite Clay: 

This clay clay boasts a high negative charge that enables it to draw out blackheads, congestion, and other impurities from skin with ease, without disrupting your natural oil balance.


Kaolin Clay: 

This clay is the mildest of all clays.  It stimulates circulation, while gently exfoliating and providing cleansing action. Unlike other clays, Kaolin does not draw oils from the skin, so it can be used even on deeply dehydrated complexions to restore balance.


Amla Powder: 

Amla powder is very high in Vitamin C. 


Licorice Root Powder: 

Licorice Root powder is good for pigmentation and brightening the skin.


Chamomile Powder: 

Chamomile is soothing and healing.


Cinnamon Powder: 

Cinnamon’s strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, coupled with its high antioxidant content, makes this a powerful addition.


Rosemary Powder: 

Rosemary is good for stimulating circulation and brightening the skin.


Sea Salt: 

Sea salt is a natural detoxifier, increasing circulation, absorbing toxins, and simultaneously exfoliating dead skin cells.


Activated Charcoal: 

Charcoal has the ability to deeply and gently cleanse your pores, absorbing minerals, toxins, impurities, and other harmful substances from your skin.


Matcha Tea Powder: 

This powder helps to soothe and tone the skin.


Chlorella Powder: 

Chlorella is a great nutrient boost and detoxifier.


Turmeric Powder: 

Turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory and helps to brighten the skin.


Reishi Mushroom Powder: 

Reishi mushroom is a strong antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory as well as it encourages cell turnover.


Marshmallow Root Powder: 

Marshmallow helps to soothe and heal the skin.


Nutmeg Powder: 

Nutmeg boasts the unique ability to relieve and soothe the skin, reducing inflammation and the resulting fine lines, scars, and wrinkles. Nutmeg helps to brighten the complexion, heal acne, and reduce facial discoloration and hyperpigmentation.


Cayenne Powder: 

Cayenne works to increase blood circulation, delivering fresh oxygen and necessary healing nutrients to the skin cells, reducing inflammation as it detoxifies.

Even the package filling is recycled.

When you order online, your package will probably contain filling that has been reused. This filling is from the boxes already received containing the raw ingredients and the bottles used to make your products.

Why should this just be thrown out when it can be reused?