Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

1. I don’t have sensitive skin, can I still use the products?

Absolutely!  Although the range is formulated for sensitive skin, it is suitable for everyone.  People with sensitive skin still want products that clean, moisturize and protect.  This range does all of that in a very gentle way.



2. How come it costs so much to ship?

We at Herbal Earth wish we could ship around the world free of charge!  But we can’t.  We are still a small company and haven’t yet been able to absorb the full cost of the shipping.  The prices reflected on the website are by average weight of the package and a small portion of the shipping amount is absorbed by the company.  If you’re still not sure about the cost, please drop an email to contact@herbalearth.ie and let us know what you want and where it’s going and we can calculate the exact cost.


Ireland – €4.95




3. Secure Ordering & Payment Options

PayPal, Visa and MasterCard



4. Returns & Refunds

If for whatever reason you are not happy with your purchase, please return it and the full cost of the product will be refunded.  However, the shipping will not be refunded.



5. Why don’t you use essential oils? I thought they were safe.

This was long debated over when Herbal Earth was first formulating the range.  Used correctly, essential oils are safe and many have proven benefits.  However, a person with very sensitive skin can still have a reaction to even the seemingly everyday and innocent essential oils, ie: lavender.  So the decision was made to not include these ingredients.  You will also not find nut oils or any extracts that are stored in wheat oils, ie: wheatgerm oil.



6. I have oily skin.  Should I be using oil on my skin?

The founder too has oily skin.  Oils don’t make the skin more oily.  Did you know you can have oily skin and it can be dry at the same time?  Using nourishing oils that absorb can help tell the skin to slow down and make less sebum.  Stripping the oils, such as harsh cleansers, only signal to the skin to increase oil production to replace what has been lost.



7. Why do I need to put the serums on damp skin?

By applying the serums to damp skin it not only allows better absorption, you also use less product.  You can cover from the forehead hairline to the base of the neck easily with 4 drops of oil serum.  Remember to gently massage it in, more pressure isn’t better.



8. Will the serums replace my cream moisturizer?

It can.  Some customers find putting the serums onto damp skin is all they need, others like to mix 1-2 drops with their current cream.  It’s up to you!  See what works best for your skin.