Combining the best of nature and science to create advanced natural skincare for sensitive skin.

Soothe & Repair Your Skin

No.42 Antioxidant Facial Oil

This clinically proven product is packed with antioxidants and a powerful blend of plant oils and extracts offers unbeatable protection for all skin types.

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What People are Saying

“This beautiful facial oil has been helping to keep my skin hydrated throughout chemo!! Not an easy task, especially since my skin reacted badly to my regular products.”

Amanda – 38

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Clean Without Stripping

This luxurious oil glides on effortlessly, removing makeup and dirt while calming your skin with nourishing Calendula extract.

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No.26 Exfoliating Cleansing Powder

The Path to Smoother Skin

Its soft, gentle exfoliation is powered by rice powder to reveal a new level of smoothness and clarity, while its blend of allantoin, rose, and lavender powder soothes your skin and brings out its natural beauty.

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Where are the products made?

All of the products are made by hand in our artisanal studio in Co Mayo in the West of Ireland.

Are the products Vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes! They always will be. We are PETA certified and only test on humans.

Are the products organic?

All of our products are natural, and some of the ingredients are organic
when possible. We have always prioritised efficacy and potency above organic status, meaning we choose to include non-organic yet natural extracts and ingredients in our products to first ensure the formulas are as potent and as effective as possible.

Why don't you use essential oils in the skincare?

This was long debated over when Herbal Earth was first formulating the
range. When used correctly, essential oils are safe, and many have shown benefits. However, a person with very sensitive skin can still react to even the seemingly everyday and innocent essential oils. So the decision was made to not include these ingredients. You will also not find nut oils or any extracts stored in wheat oils, i.e., wheatgerm oil.

I have oily skin. Should I be using oil on my skin?

The founder has oily skin. Oils don’t make the skin more oily. Did you
know you can have oily skin, and it can be dry at the same time? Using
nourishing oils that absorb can help tell the skin to slow down and make
less sebum. Stripping the oils, such as harsh cleansers, only signals
the skin to increase oil production to replace what has been lost.

Will the facial oil replace my moisturiser?

It can. Some customers find putting the serums onto damp skin is all they need; others like to add a cream after. And always remember the
sunscreen! It’s up to you! See what works best for your skin.

Is the No.42 Facial Oil a sunscreen?

No, it’s not sunscreen nor should it replace your daily sunscreen. You
can use it under your sunscreen though and it will provide an additional layer of protection.

Does the No.25 Cleansing Oil remove makeup?

Absolutely! It will gently lift makeup and dirt, even waterproof mascara!

Why are there 2 cleansers?

The cleansing oil is used primarily at night. The No.26 Cleansing powder can be used after the oil cleanse or diluted down for a morning cleanse.

  • Our promise to you, natural, beautiful
    ingredients that are safe and astonishingly effective. No controversial ingredients, cheap fillers, or exaggerated claims in our skincare. From botanical extracts to exquisite oils, Herbal Earth’s products are rich in high-performance components carefully selected for their hydrating,
    brightening, age-defying, anti-pollution, and protective skin benefits.

Keeping you and the earth beautiful.